Mediamarkt Marketplace – A New Opportunity

Author: Moesje Berry, Junior Marketplace Specialist at Emakina NL.

A new player on the market

In 2020, Mediamarkt – one of the biggest consumer electronics retailers in Europe – launched the beta version of their very own closed marketplace. In this new online environment, consumers can shop every kind of electronics imaginable – laptops, phones, tablets, cameras and more. Currently available in Germany, Austria, and Spain, Mediamarkt makes it possible for sellers to display and sell their products on mediamarkt.de, thereby accessing a large audience of millions of visitors.

It’s great news for sellers: this is the place to sell a myriad electronic devices, ranging from computer hardware and musical instruments to kitchen and household appliances.

How to sell on Mediamarkt Marketplace

As with many marketplaces, there are requirements to adhere to. Mediamarkt’s Marketplace is no different. To sell on this platform, sellers must:

  • Be based in the EU, with an EU commercial and tax registration, and bank account;
  • Have their own logistics network or use that of a service provider to provide direct delivery to end customers;
  • Ensure that shipments are made from a warehouse in the EU and be able to accept returns;
  • Offer German-speaking customer service with good accessibility;
  • Meet the platform’s requirements for product descriptions and have an EAN for all products.

Amazon is an open and generalist marketplace: there is no application process and products from various categories are sold. On the other hand, Mediamarkt actively decides which sellers can join, with a strong focus on the electronics and media sector. Unlike Amazon, Mediamarkt also does not provide fulfilment services. Shipments and returns must be handled in a warehouse within the EU.

As for the costs associated with this new venture, sellers are charged a basic monthly fee of €39 net, as well as a sales commission depending on the assortment category per sale. There are no hidden costs nor extra costs for payment and return processing, and uploading products is free. There is no fixed contract period – sellers can terminate their contract at any time without having to provide any reasons.

The 4th largest online store for electronics and media

For sellers, this marketplace can prove to be a huge advantage. Firstly, Mediamarkt’s selling platform enjoys a large audience – approximately 24 million monthly visitors – which sellers can use as an excellent opportunity to expand their market share and drive brand awareness.

Furthermore, this platform provides sellers with the freedom to decide the type and number of products to sell on this platform, thanks to its extensive list of categories. Customers can also easily distinguish one seller from another as it is clearly indicated on the product detail page who the seller is.

Moreover, there are two ways sellers can connect to the marketplace and manage their product listings: (1) via the back office and (2) using an API-interface. Sellers who opt to use an API-interface are offered an easy and automised integration by the several integrators connected to this platform.

The bigger picture

Mediamarkt is just one of many organisations acknowledging the increasing success of the marketplace concept. As a result, they’ve chosen to create their own marketplace platform. Marketplaces make up an essential part of an e-commerce strategy because nowadays many consumers – approximately 50% in Europe – begin their shopping journey on a marketplace. This decision allows customers to have a wider range of choices and for brands to increase their customer reach. Another benefit is that customers can see impartial reviews from other customers – inspiring confidence in sellers’ products.

Overall, selling on these platforms will result in more customers and more sales, simultaneously. Starting with the Netherlands in 2022, expansion into the Benelux region will continue at a fast pace. Seize the opportunity to tap into this large new audience by joining Mediamarkt Marketplace. Emakina’s marketplace experts are here to help you so get in touch with our marketplaces team via marketplaces@emakina.nl to see how we can grow your brand on successful platforms like Mediamarkt.

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