Next-level inventory management part 1 – three ways to leverage a single view of inventory

Author: Mauricio Zanotta, Order Management Consultant, Emakina.NL

Managing inventory has been historically one of the most difficult challenges for a retailer. Why is this so hard? You know how much you buy from your suppliers, and you know how much you sell to your customers. So, how is it that you don’t know what you have? Learn more about inventory management by reading this first part from a series of blog posts about this topic.

Inventory handling is much more complex than we imagine. Retailers stock products in different places and with different strategies. Sometimes, different systems don’t even talk to each other. Creating a single view of your inventory won’t solve all your inventory issues overnight, but it is a must-have in the journey to solve them.

Some benefits:

  1. Enrich your customer experience by showing multi-store product availability on the Product Detail Page.
  2. Track in-store inventory location to guide store picking, and track inventory condition so unsaleable inventory won’t be shown in your online channels.
  3. Control what you sell in each channel: having a detailed view of your inventory gives you the power to exclude products from certain channels. For example, you could exclude bulky items from being sold online, or high-demand items in specific locations.

Would you like to find out how to improve inventory handling in your business? Contact Emma Dijkstra, Expert Lead Order Management at Emakina.NL. 

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