Slow is smooth and smooth is fast; why aligning pace makes sense to enhance your digital acceleration

Author: Manon Dubreuil

As the head of Digital Consultancy at Emakina NL, Rob is responsible for making sure that we are able to meet our clients’ needs with relevant services in terms of performance, experience and technology in the digital domain. This means he gets to meet a lot of different clients, from a range of departments and disciplines. 

Within all these engagements he’s seen a shift in discourse from digital transformation to acceleration, and how some clients struggle to accommodate the different speeds of progress within their organisation. 

In his video, Rob makes a case for managing speed within digital transformation, and why he thinks slow is smooth, and smooth is fast. In it he covers:

  • What the biggest common denominator in our client challenges is
  • Why speed is so important
  • What the biggest challenge is with differences in speed 

Interested in hearing more? Watch the full interview with Rob.

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