The Volkswagen Magazine now has a (digital) life of its own!

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

It’s been a while that Volkswagen publishes its own magazine, covering topics like lifestyle, innovation, and hot news from the automotive industry. Now it was time to give the magazine an online dimension. Emakina was called for this mission of developing, designing and maintaining a highly-visual portal of the VW Magazine. Our approach was to build on the existing print version but to add all the advantages of an online publication.



Other than its beautiful graphic design, the new site was designed with lots of neat features! First thing you will notice is that the site automatically optimises to any device you use, and even to the size of your explorer window on your computer.  Now that you’re in perfect view, note that the content was classified into six main theme, and that each thematic category was assigned a visual symbol so you can quickly recognise  and easily filter your favourite content.

If you’re a big fan of VW’s, the site offers a very good overview of the brand’s presence on all social media, as the latter have their live feed panes on the right-hand side (right below the brand’s online events calendar). We also included some fun surveys, and even competitions with prizes. Finally, the facts and figures (top right) and quotations (top bottom) change every time you load the site so that you will always have a good reason to come back!




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