Tricky Waste… reuse, reinvent, recycle it!

Author: Luc Malcorps

Europe recently took a step towards the creation of a ‘circular economy’. The European Commission adopted a proposal to boost recycling and reduce landfill, while aiming to fight marine litter and food waste.

In this context, Emakina produced a new video for the European Environment Agency (EEA). It shows some of the ingenious ways a plastic bottle can be reused or recycled. Transforming a bottle into a jacket or sun glasses may sound like magic, but it can be easier than you think…

We have to face the truth, there is no trick to recycling.

A young woman uses magic to change a bottle into a series of other things. We then find out that she can’t do magic at all, there really is no trick to recycling, so we need to learn how to reuse waste, to reinvent or recycle it.

We will have to, because the European proposal includes a ban on landfilling recyclable and biodegradable waste by 2025.  And by 2030 we should recycle 70% of municipal waste and 80% of packaging waste.

This clip is part of a series of videos Emakina is making for the European Environment Agency EEA. The scope is broad, from a general presentation video, to appeals for clean air, the value of clear water, and a series of brief talks like the good food video. This new ‘Tricky waste’ video is an answer to the cry for help on how we are suffocating our seas, that Emakina produced earlier this year.

Achieving the new waste targets are important. Europe would create 580 000 new jobs, while making itself more competitive and reducing demand for costly scarce resources, the Commission states. It would also lower environmental impacts and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Learn more about the circular economy concept and the movement towards a sustainable Europe. Great background reading is available in the EEA’s 2014 Signals publication.


Client : European Environment Agency

Production: Emakina
Creative Director : Damien Walckiers
Director: Santi Ploussos / Elisa Van de Kerchove
Head of Production: Bernard Cornut
DOP: Eldad Spanoghe
Editor/ SFX: Santi Ploussos
Sound & Music : Jean-Pierre Everaerts


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