We are Emakina Switzerland

Author: Arnaud Grobet

A team of people from many different cultures and a variety of perspectives, including the Swiss way to do business.

We’re open minded, readily receptive to the needs and challenges of our local and international clients. We’re passionate, talented, motivated, ambitious and not afraid to drive changes in our rapidly evolving communications business.


Innovation occurs at the intersection of old and new. To maintain 
our cutting edge position, all the time we mix young and dynamic individuals with older experienced ones. We feel that by bringing these groups together, we foster an even more explosive form of innovation, informed by the wisdom of those who have come before and the excitement of those who are just beginning.

Building brand experiences

We love to share. Whether it’s ideas, energy, information 
or knowledge, we love to share with each other, and our clients. 
We share, in order to help you see a bigger picture.

We conceptualize, develop and build brand experiences for clients in the new digital paradigm.


Emakina is a balance of fun and discipline. So getting serious about digital means we get serious about creativity. Our creative team thrives on producing “big ideas” that lead to business results.

Our clients come first and we measure our success through them. We know their expectations, behavior and trends – a relationship enriched by close interaction. We call this bond a partnership.

We’re Emakina. We’re proud of our brand. When people think of us, they use words or phrases such as, 
“on the cutting edge,” ”quality,” and “respect.”

And because we’re Emakina, we also have a sense of humor.


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