Zalando’s new feature: Brand Stories

Author: Marketplaces Team


Have you heard about the new feature on Zalando? On Zalando, the Brand Home is a space where sellers can present their brand and tell their stories in an authentic and inspirational way by creating collections and highlighting the products they want to feature.  

In April 2022, Zalando introduced a content format on their Brand Home called Brand Stories. Apart from the product carousels where brands can highlight products from their Men’s, Women’s, and Kids’ collections, brands can now also engage with shoppers with this new feature. 

This launch came about from Zalando’s observation of how strongly shoppers regard authenticity, trust, transparency, and shared values concerning the brands they support. This new exciting feature enables brands to build their brand equity, and gain trust and loyalty while communicating authentic stories about the brand. From brand history to the goals, and from social initiatives to materials, there are diverse topics that brands can highlight. Brands have the flexibility to add several brand stories to their brand home, which can differ depending on the topic the brand wants to share.  
Every Brand Story includes a vertical video, a copy to introduce your brand story, a brand follow button, and optionally articles. Once published, the Brand Stories will start appearing on the Brand Homes on the Web and the Zalando App.  

There are favourable benefits that create an opportunity for you to help shoppers get to the core of your brand: 

Influence your brand perception 

Brand Stories can help you build and maintain your brand and allow you to influence the perception of your brand among shoppers. Additionally, storytelling through video creates an immersive experience for the shopper, which results in higher engagement. 

Educate shoppers about your brand and products 

77% of shoppers say they buy from brands that share the same values as they do. Brands can use Brand Stories to add a distinctive touch to their Brand Homes, highlight their USPs, share their latest initiatives, and use it to connect with new and existing shoppers. 

Increase the organic visibility of your brand

Brand Story formats include a follow button that encourages shoppers to follow your brand, increasing organic visibility. Brand followers are twice as likely to click on Brand Content than non-followers. They also receive notifications for new collections, which helps deepen the brand-shopper relationship. This allows customer journeys to be more personalised with content from your brand.  

The addition of the Brand Story feature on Zalando is just one of the recent actions marketplaces have taken to help brands improve their brand image on their platforms. With the growing popularity of marketplaces, it is important for brands to make efficient use of such features to stand out from the competitors and increase their sales.  

Whether you are interested in starting your journey on a marketplace or simply looking to improve your current performance, our specialists at Emakina are ready to help.  

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