Emakina x Tealium webinar


Emakina x Tealium webinar

Emakina x Tealium webinar

Creating business value in a cookieless world

The cookieless world is coming in 2023, what will it bring to your business?

Join this webinar to learn about concrete next steps to improve data maturity, reduce the impact of losing third party cookies and unlock new consumer experiences.

Tune in online on the 9th of June from 11am until 12pm CEST to hear the following speakers tell you the latest news and trends about this data issue and what it will bring to your business. 

* Marco de Nooijer (Chief Data Officer | EPAM)
* Francisco Marco-Serrano (Data Analytics Solutions | EPAM)
* Wesley Sussenbach (Lead Technical Web Analytics | Emakina)
* Juan Pedemonte (Lead CDP | Emakina)
* Robin Geier (EMEA Lead Business Value & Strategy | Tealium)