Emakina wins WW’s social media management in Belgium and Netherlands

WW has appointed Emakina as its new partner for social media management in the Belgian and Dutch market. The Brussels-based digital agency won a challenging competition between six agencies. The collaboration will kick off in December, when Emakina’s dedicated team will start to support the client’s rebranding from the iconic ‘Weight Watchers’ to ‘WW’, and its shift in focus from weight loss to overall wellness.

From Weight Watchers to WW

The team will boost WW’s new positioning with to-the-point and entertaining social media support. The mission spans strategy, concept, production and community management on Facebook and Instagram. The collaboration will support the new tagline "Wellness That Works.™ with creative content, tailored for  audience in the Netherlands and the Belgian multilingual market.

The social media communication will go well beyond weight loss management and include WW’s broader focus on  becoming a more holistic and diverse partner in wellness.
“Wellness that Works” is a promise that no matter what the goal is—to lose weight, eat healthier, move more, develop a more positive mindset or all of the above—WW will bring the science-based programs, tools, and experiences that work and fit into people’s life.

Connect and build engagement

Using its own sprint design methodology, Emakina already kicked off the collaboration with an intense two-day client workshop. Besides getting to know each other, it resulted in a clear path forward and a series of topics, to be discovered soon. Besides telling engaging stories and sharing ideas and tips, the team will engage with internal influencers and the broad WW community.

Relevant and human

The challenge to create awareness around the new name, baseline and broader positioning is exciting. All communication must share the key ideas and messages, while making them locally and culturally relevant, and rich in honesty and human interest. The team will be able to build on the detailed new brand guidelines, and adapt the visual elements for use social media, highlighting the spontaneous and natural touch.

Working with Emakina felt right from the start

Marlous Aarts, Sr. Brand Marketeer at WW is very positive about the new collaboration: 

'Working with Emakina felt right from the start. The Emakina team supports WW’s ambition in becoming the world’s partner in Wellness. Social media will be key in spreading our exciting new vision and mission message and make the WW brand –It is pronounced “double-you double-you– into a new household name, which reflects our heritage while opening us up to new possibilities.'

Exciting opportunities to connect with a broad audience

Nadège De Decker, Client Services Director for WW at Emakina concludes:

'The rebranding to WW and the new positioning open up exciting opportunities to connect with a broad audience. This company combines an amazing heritage with an inspiring and fresh approach to create strong positive habits. That’s a perfect starting point to interact with a broad audience.  With WW’s new focus on wellness, we can achieve excellent results together. Our first new messages and designs are ready to go, and we’re very excited to make a positive impact together.'

WW | Wellness that Works