Emakina/Marketplaces welcomes Amazon and tackles new projects

Amazon’s arrival on the Dutch and Belgian markets is a wake-up call for brands and distributors

Emakina's expert marketplaces team is the one-stop shop to guide clients through the challenges marketplaces pose to brands and distributors. The evolution in the way users purchase goods online opens up new opportunities. With the continuous expansion of platforms like Amazon, Alibaba, and local players like bol.com and Coolblue, 'it’s high time brands and distributors adopt appropriate marketplace strategies, to protect and grow their ecommerce business’, says Emakina Marketplace Expert Luca Vicini.

Thanks to its savvy blend of business, technology, and creativity expertise, Emakina is perfectly placed to provide clients with dedicated marketplace support. Its experts welcome Amazon’s move in Belgium and The Netherlands, which will further impact distribution and retail players, as well as the brands that rely on them to reach their customers. Emakina's dedicated team includes marketplaces as a cornerstone of commerce growth and as an integral part of its clients' unified commerce strategy.

These challenges are opportunities for organisations who seek the right partners

Marketplaces present opportunities as well as challenges to the whole consumer goods sector, and beyond. Their typical aggressivity pushing for ‘best deals’, the velocity of their sales and the fierce competition they create are only the top of the iceberg. Without appropriate strategies, this could potentially lead to eroded margins and increased dependency on volume; the imperative to improve consistency across channels becomes absolute.

Retailers and wholesalers face aggressive, gigantic players on these platforms, that have the ability to favour return on invested capital instead of margin per unit sold, spreading ad budgets over larger product assortments. Not only are global distribution behemoths like Amazon and Alibaba conquering new markets, but the upcoming surge of social platforms like Instagram entering the marketplace game will soon cause a second shockwave impacting the whole industry.

A one-stop shop for marketplace and unified commerce expertise

This is why Emakina offers an all-around service to ensure efficient and profitable marketplace presence to their clients, further building on its experience to expertly accompany both B2C and B2B players through these challenging times. Emakina/Marketplaces not only masters the digital aspects of commerce, but also boasts an impressive experience optimising in-store experiences, providing expert consumer insights and business strategies, and delivering seamless, memorable experiences that engage users with its clients' brands.

Every new channel deployment begins with assortment planning, content adaptation and glocalization. Performances are also boosted through defensive initiatives such as market and competition monitoring, in parallel with offensive marketing tactics such as paid traffic management, repricing and promotions.

Emakina/Marketplaces team to grow in 2020

‘Our clients have very quickly seen the major impact our services have brought them, and this move by Amazon only consolidates their satisfaction of having anticipated this evolution by seeking expert counsel early on. We're expecting our team to grow in 2020, to keep up with our client portfolio,’ concludes Emakina/Marketplaces Lead Santiago Malter-Terrada.