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Find The Right Chinese Marketplace

Find The Right Chinese Marketplace

Chinese marketplaces: Which is the right one for you?

Welcome to Emakina’s playbook series about China’s online marketplaces. In this 2nd part, you will find information about 5 Chinese marketplaces

China accounts for 45% of global e-commerce transactions and COVID-19 has accelerated its B2C digitalization*. New marketplace players enter the game, making the Chinese online market dynamic and unpredictable.

In this playbook, we’ll focus on 5 important cross-border marketplaces are open to foreign companies. Find out about: 

  • What are Tmall Global, JD Worldwide, Kaola, VIPshop and Pinduoduo?
  • Although they are all generalists, what is unique about them? 
  • What is their market positioning, offering and user demographic?