Creative Concepting

Boost ongoing content & skyrocket campaigns with creative concepting.

What's More Creative than Creative Concepting?

Are you looking for the next big idea to stand out from the crowd? A creative approach to your marketing that connects seamlessly to your brand? An unifying concept that triggers, moves and urges your target audience to take action?

Emakina’s creative concept team uses their outstanding creative abilities and extensive strategic knowledge to identify, develop and test amazing opportunities for creative concepts. Mind blowing ideas that bring real value to your business and brand.

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“ We immerse ourselves into your story to create phenomenal concepts that make you stand out from the crowd.”

What is creative concepting?

Creative concepting or creative conceptualisation is the process of defining opportunities to strongly and cohesively execute your brand strategy. To really make an impact on your customers. And creativity is the key.

“ You can’t optimise your way to your consumer's heart, it’s about telling stories that stick.

Why creative concepting?

Basically, any brand – B2C and B2B - needs to be visible and relevant at any given moment in time. You need to stand out in every phase of the consumer journey and emotionally connect with your prospects. If not, you’ll risk losing sales to your competitors.

A strong creative concept can help you to:

  • Connect with your audience on a deeper level
  • Persuade customers in every phase of the sales funnel
  • Build a strong, cohesive brand
  • Get high ROI on your marketing budget

Emakina – your creative concepting agency

Emakina’s expertise encompasses every field of digital and online marketing. We can truly take your brand to the next level. Not just by creating creative concepts and ideas, we go above and beyond, from brand strategy to social media management and anything in between. Are you in dire need of a sound brand analysis, copywriting or video production – just to name a few? We’re your go-to creative digital marketing agency.

We can service you from strategy and concept, through production, into planning, buying and management

Strategy > Concept > Production > Planning > Buying > Management

All within the same digital marketing agency

Our approach to creative concepting

Our approach revolves around co-creation of creative strategy. Our creative team works closely with you, our client, towards the best creative brief ever. Depending on the size of the project and the information available, we’ll run a ½ to 2 day workshop understanding the ambition, the target audience and the area where we can play. From this shared understanding we derive insights and actionable opportunities that we’ll transform into creative concepts.

  • User research
  • Data analysis
  • Insights and opportunities workshop
  • Creative concepting
  • Concept validation

Not all creative concepts need such an elaborate approach. If ambitions are clear and audiences are known, scaled down versions of this process will suffice.

Format development

As a brand you need to deliver. In order to execute creative concepts that are unique and truly representative of your brand, you’ll need sound formats. This way, production can be concentrated and centralised, making it way more scalable and efficient.

At Emakina we will define, ideate and create these vital formats.

Sit back and enjoy the ride!

By partnering up with Emakina’s experts, you can enjoy...

  • A much quicker turnaround time
  • Consistency from strategy to final products
  • Long term strategic partnership
  • Support or leadership for your existing content marketing team
  • A running start to setting up a content team
  • Proven approaches to creative concepting
  • Access to the latest tech through turnkey partnerships

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