HomeDeco is thé marketplace where inspiration and shopping come together. HomeDeco combines user-generated content with content of her partners in blogs, on social media and email campaigns. In-house software ensures that every picture uploaded by consumers and partners on the platform immediately becomes 'shoppable'. On a monthly basis, HomeDeco inspires more than 1 million visitors on the platform with new products and brands. Sell you products now via HomeDeco and enjoy the creative, qualitative and unique method of cooperating with a pure-player marketplace.

Your advantages

  • Reach more than 1 million via the platform and a multiple of that via their socials
  • Own shop page with your USPs directly visible for the consumer
  • Multi-channel marketing via the platform
  • Flexible integration possibilities by product feeds and API
  • No contract period
  • Fixed commission, no hidden transaction or marketing costs
  • Customer service via HomeDeco
  • Closed platform, less competition between our partners
  • Possibility to shine in your category and style!