Established in 2008, (aka VIPshop) is one of the leading generalist marketplaces in China. It has 12 million daily active unique users. And a 54% growth of active customers in the first quarter of 2021. 

A leading generalist marketplace

VIPshop has partnered with over 13,000 well known domestic and global brands. 


Its flash sales model has successfully acquired loyal customers by offering premium brand products at a discount. And for brand owners, it created a solution to sell overstock with profits and faster turnover. started with selling apparel, mother & baby, and beauty products, and recently expanded to food and drinks. It now has 8 categories but to maintain a high quality brand portfolio, not all accept new sellers. 


  • A strong brand recognition and presence in China. It has 8.2% of marketshare among cross-boarder marketplaces. 
  • In-house customer service team that provide 24 hours support to customers 
  • Help you reach over 100 million VIPshop members in China
  • Depends on the type of seller accounts, you are eligible to use VIPshop fulfilment service