Performance Marketing

Are you ready for the power of performance marketing? On your marks, get set, sell!

Get the most out of your advertising budget with performance marketing

Can’t get past your competition? Up your game with performance marketing. Whether it is with SEA on Google Search or Bing ads, highly targeted display advertising or Google Shopping. Performance marketing is all about getting the most out of your display, Google shopping or search engine advertising budget. The power of performance marketing lies in meticulously measuring, analyzing and improving the results of your online marketing campaigns.

When it comes to buying and analyzing in a smart manner, Emakina will help your organisation become future proof. We can leverage our experience with cookieless media buying and server side tracking, to make sure your business is ready for the cookieless future.

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Only pay per lead, click or sale

With performance marketing you’ll find your target audiences and steer them towards conversion with compelling ads, in each phase of the marketing funnel. Forget about costly advertising campaigns whose results remain a mystery. Create amazing online ads, only pay per lead, click or sale and track, measure and improve their performance.

Aim for gold with Emakina’s experts by your side

Why walk if you can run? Emakina is determined to bring battle-tested ways of working and strategies to the track as well as elegant and scalable solutions to the most common hurdles your business may encounter. And thanks to the longstanding relationships that Emakina has cultivated with international publishing networks, DSP’s and video providers, we can ensure that your business has the widest possible range of audiences, formats, and delivery options to choose from your campaigns.

Our performance marketing services

On your marks… translate any campaign into effective banners or native ads for display advertising with Emakina’s in-house expertise.

Get set… Google shopping especially is becoming more of a relevant place to engage in competition. Partner up with Emakina and get a head start with clever Google Shopping campaigns.

Not only has Emakina integrated Google shopping completely in our way of working for SEA, we also have extensive experience with the software that makes sure your product feeds connect flawlessly to your preferred advertising platforms.

Go! Search engine advertising is where your ads can be the most immediately relevant. However, the playing field is large and the competition formidable. So go the extra mile with Emakina’s SEA service.

Emakina - your digital marketing agency

Emakina encompasses expertise in every field of digital and online marketing. And with a dedicated content team and very close ties to best-in-class production agencies, we can service you from strategy and concept, through production, into media planning and buying. 

Strategy > Concept > Production > Media Planning > Media Buying 

All within the same digital marketing agency

Sit back and enjoy the ride!

  • A much quicker turnaround time
  • Consistency from concept to final products
  • Clear performance reports
  • Long term strategic partnership
  • Support or leadership for your existing growth team
  • A running start to setting up a new growth team
  • Proven approaches to growth
  • Access to the latest adtech through turnkey partnerships

Emakina's integrated way of working

Additionally, Emakina’s in-house growth, CRO and usability teams can contribute immensely to properly measuring, and optimizing the websites and ecommerce environments that our digital marketing team directs traffic towards.

It’s this integrated way of working with an incredibly broad range of expertise that makes partnering with Emakina for digital marketing more impactful than any other agency.

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