Rentes Genevoises

About the project

Protecting tomorrow, today

Rentes Genevoises has always stood out from the crowd. Our work with Rentes Genevoises has evolved alongside their forward-looking, pioneering vision. What started as a brand repositioning and refining their digital strategy, led to the development and launch of their new website, and production of all their communication materials. We now look after all their digital projects – from communications and client growth, to the maintenance and evolution of their website.

The challenge

In 2020, Rentes Genevoises became the first Swiss pension fund to ratify the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UN-PRI), showcasing its commitment to promoting sustainable and responsible investment practices. The first challenge was to modernise the branding of this much-loved local institution while emphasising their values. The company asked Emakina to help them in defining a new brand positioning.

An additional challenge – while it’s a definite plus point for its policyholders – was that Rentes Genevoises operates in a very small market, limited to people who were born in Geneva, or live or work there. This is a major geographical constraint (in comparison to other competitors) and made the need for a new modern branding all the more strategic. Rentes Genevoises has big ambitions for growth in the coming years and relies on Emakina and EPAM to fulfill its digital roadmap.

Brand definition and positioning

Our solution

To amplify Rentes Genevoises’ sustainable and responsible investment practices, we created a new brand positioning in 2021: ‘protéger demain’ (protecting tomorrow). This links individual protection (foresight: protecting my individual future) with collective protection (responsibility: protecting our common future).
From here, we redefined the brand based on its values (Security, Contemporaneity, Anticipation and Durability), its heritage and its vision. ‘Protecting tomorrow’ perfectly encapsulates Rentes Genevoises’s approach to giving its policyholders security and stability, while looking to the future.

We carried this new brand positioning through to all communications, both online and offline. We developed and released a new Sitecore-based website and created a new advertising campaign to raise awareness about this new brand strategy. We also handled the production of external communication assets, such as magazines, as well as internal documents. On the back of the success of these projects – and a great working relationship – Rentes Genevoises expanded our remit.

Introducing growth marketing

We also revamped Rentes Genevoises’ approach to communications. A growth mindset and marketing strategies now drive lead acquisitions and the promotion of their services. This marketing approach is based on test and learn, and decisions are based on statistical analysis, and progressive performance improvement. The goal is to ‘startup-ise’ Rentes Genevoises.

Deeper penetration of Rentes Genevoises tech stack

We also created a winning proposal to implement a new CRM system (Microsoft Dynamics) to fuel growth. Customer relationship marketing (CRM) technology is key to growth marketing, so these projects complement each other beautifully. It gives us a broader view over their acquisition channels, from acquisition campaigns to lead generation into the CRM, throughout their website – delivering even more value back to Rentes Genevoises.

The results

All these projects have proved to be a big success for Rentes Genevoises, helping them transform their brand and voice, but staying true to their origins, ethics and values. Since the start of this professional relationship in 2021, Rentes Genevoises now trusts us to take care of an increasing number of projects, involving over 30+ people. This broader view of their digital strategy positions us as their main partner for both strategic advice and implementation, and delivers all the benefits of a consistent and holistic approach back to Rentes Genevoises.