Adobe Summit 2019

Author: Manon Erb

Adobe is all about experiences and the Adobe Summit was not the exception. As Adobe Partner, Design is Dead could feel it from the beginning… music, lights and awesome people built up a perfect vibe and created a positive atmosphere that made very easy to share experiences between partners, prospects and customers.

We identified three pillars in the event: Data, Acquisitions and Middle tier market.


The message from Adobe is crystal clear: Data is essential, and it will get more critical each day. The day will come that every boring and repetitive task within a company will be automated and every decision will be data-driven. Just add one more layer: AI or Sensei in Adobe terms, and you can powerfully automate those resolutions. Smart tagging, image recognition and personalised experiences are just the beginning.

On this level, we can expect some exciting times at DiD, as we are actively investing in the Data field. Not only are we doing that by attracting strong data profiles (see “Big data pioneer Daan Gerits joins Design is Dead) but we are also developing a data platform by smoothly combining leading open source frameworks that will simplify data governance, decrease DataOps efforts and reduce the economic barrier to start playing with data.

Adobe always starts from Content and Data, since last year they added Intelligence. Moreover, now they are centralising the Data, they have all the ideal ingredients for the ambitious marketeer of today and tomorrow.

Design is Dead’s MD Jeroen Huys

It has been already a bit more than one year when Adobe made a move to acquire Magento and committed to bringing the whole Adobe energy to the commerce field. Four months later, Adobe announced the acquisition showing its commitment to position their solutions in the B2B market.

The Adobe Experience Cloud expanded not only thanks to Magento and Marketo as a full solution, but it grew and got more mature as a platform. The integration of the different tools has succeeded wonderfully. We can say this based on the many important, hands-on cases in the breakout sessions during the summit, brought by clients and their partners.

Regarding the acquisition of Magento and Marketo: can I be a little bit impressed with how fast new interfaces and integrations can be announced? Rarely have I seen that work is being made so quickly to pull the experience of the user equally in different tools. Job well done Abobe!

Design is Dead Client Service Director Yoeri Conickx

Last but not least, this summit was the confirmation that Adobe is making their experiences about the delivered business value. Their technologies are not only accessible by the “Fortune500” companies anymore. They are making the dream real and “mid-size companies” can unleash all the power of the Adobe technology. The clients have the same expectations/benchmarks as we speak of customer experience.

Design is Dead Business Development Manager Dimitri van Eijk

In conclusion, Adobe Summit is being immersed for three days long in the Adobe world. Not getting Adobe minded during this summit is hard, way too hard. We were already a fan, and now our passion and interest-only have grown. Adobe is getting closer and closer to the ultimate DXP (Digital Experience Platform) dream.

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