Emakina raises the temperature on the Electrabel Batibouw stand with a fun game

Author: Luc Malcorps

Did you know Emakina manages over 4000 digital projects each year?

Besides large collaborations, our people help our clients out on smaller but as interesting projects, focusing there also on customer interaction and value creation. An example of the second kind are the game apps our teams create for fairs, making stands come to life with fun digital action. Last year, as Electrabel’s digital partner, Emakina already produced a successful game for the Batibouw fair visitors. They were challenged to switch of electrical appliances on a large screen, using a tablet, while Electrabel’s iconic dog Kito ran around switching them on all over the house.


This year, the team focused on setting the right temperature remotely.
Electrabel asked to focus on the Smart Thermostat solution and come up with a short and snappy little game for the stand visitors. In a few minutes, participants had to be able to leave behind their data, play and who knows… win Electrabel’s Smart Thermostat solution, including the gateway and installation.

So Emakina’s experts in less than two weeks delivered a fun digital game and managed it from A to Z. The team made the game pages, then making them available on seven iPads at the fair. Two were integrated in fixed displays, five were in the hands of Electrabel commercials walking around the stand. The game was hosted on a Mac mini on site, so it would always work. But is was also connected to the web, allowing Emakina’s team to remotely manage the database, check game play and deliver support if required. A nice touch, making the game not only fun but also ‘under control’ at all times.


Every two hours, Electrabel’s Batibouw visitors could win a Smart Thermostat solution. Thanks to the game countdown timer, they could see when their two hour session would end. After filling in some key data the Smart Thermostat circle would appear on the screen.

Your challenge: click on the ideal temperature while the temperature wheel rises. If you would stop the temperature at exactly 20.5°C… you were a winner! But wait, you then had to  guess the number of participants to the competition, from the start of the fair up to the end of the two hour slot you were participating in. And then, every two hours, one winner received an SMS text message, so he or she could come back to the stand to collect the prize!

For those who did not stop the thermometer wheel on time, Emakina added a second small competition. All you had to do was guess the electricity consumption of the Electrabel Batibouw stand measured over the event’s duration.


Well over 1.400 people played,
and 38 shiny happy people went home
with their free Smart Thermostat!

By the way, the team used Node.js.as back-end and HTML/CSS/JS as front-end. Node.js is a platform built on Chrome’s JavaScript Runtime, allowing to easily build fast, scalable network applications. This powerful Javascript development technology is managed on the server side. Geek stuff Emakina boys and girls love, for clever use in reaching consumers and managing data fluently…

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