Emakina.TV presents the Geek Ranch #1: Mobile apps

Author: Luc Malcorps

Emakina invites you to step inside the Geek Ranch and discover a new universe, with new rules.

The first edition zooms in on mobile applications. Mobile is here to stay and is taking over communications. This invasion is created by the consumers, not the corporate world. So they have to adapt and go with the mobile flow…

Check out what Emakina is  cooking up in the Geek Ranch and how Colruyt, Stepstone, KBC Assistance, ING and Belgacom joined the mobile train.



From filling a mobile digital shopping cart to finding a job, from getting your car fixed to playing a game or watching streaming TV… Companies and organisations have to establish themselves in the mobile world, step by step entering into the new reality. Emakina is helping them to not only step aboard the train, but it creates fresh tracks, leading them to exciting new frontiers. Welcome to the Geek Ranch!



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