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If you are a BASE client, Design is Dead has news you will definitely LIKE!

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

Your Facebook account is no longer just a social network; it just became a highly convenient way for you to securely check and top up your BASE balance! Design is Dead (DID), a proud member of the Emakina Group, joined forces with ‘KPN Group Belgium’ to develop a new Facebook app, designated for this exact purpose. The transaction is done over a secured platform, allowing thousands of BASE clients to recharge their phones within just a few FB clicks.


BASE - screenshot - large


Whether travelling for during these holidays or staying in Belgium, you can easily make sure your mobile is never out of credit. No more excuses for not calling Grandma to wish her a merry Christmas!


BASE Check - screenshot - large


DID has been a strategic digital partner of the KPN Group Since 2004, developing apps, online, and e-services for the international telecom company. This included the outlining and building of this simple, user-friendly, and efficient app.


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