Pierre Pôlet celebrates 10 years at Emakina

Author: Luc Malcorps

Congratulations to Pierre Pôlet on his 10th Emakina work anniversary!

Since his debut at the company in 2004, Pierre has been an enthusiastic participant in the company’s growth. Working first as Project and Account Manager, he went on to lead the project management team and the E- DM team, to continue his career as Head of Web Application Development. Pierre joined the Committee of Directors of Emakina.BE in 2006 and was appointed Director of Operations in 2011.



Pierre is one of Emakina.BE’s ‘goalkeepers’: he liaises with Client Management and various experts in development, design, usability,…

This way, he sets up and improves best practices, follows-up Risk Management, centralises recruitment, organizes internal trainings, and manages possible operational issues. Pierre stands firm, with his 1.93 meters (almost 6 foot 5), calm and in control, despite the hundreds of projects to follow up each year .

Pierre Pôlet: “I always loved diversity and challenges. This is our daily reality in our work for customers coming from various industries and sectors, for which we provide multiple and creative solutions. Today’s projects have become more complex in their size, ambition, visibility, number of stakeholders and interactions on various platforms and with multiple tools. So our experts have to form well-oiled teams and fluently share commercial and production information.

We rolled out a combination of expert process and reporting tools to do so, so we’re fully equipped to handle sales reporting and ‘pipeline’ management, production planning and assessment of required profiles, project complexity and duration. This way, we do not sell what we can’t deliver, and we really deliver what was sold!”

Depending on the needs and organisation of each client and each project, the teams introduce the best-suited methodology for client collaboration, from classical waterfall approaches such as PRINCE2 (of which we use a much simplified version) over the Agile methodology alternatives to tailor made collaboration models. This has made Emakina into a reliable partner for large scale and complex projects, such as the web developments for Electrabel, Bpost and D’Ieteren.

Pierre Pôlet sums it up: “The past 10 years at Emakina have been a fantastic experience. From the very first days, I loved the mix of creativity and technology. And I still enjoy coming in to work every day. I feel privileged to be able to tackle a wide variety of interesting challenges and find solutions together with so many talented people.”

Brice Le Blévennec, CEO of Emakina, adds: “Congratulations to Pierre on his 10 years at Emakina! He is a great colleague, and a true example of our commitment to be a trusted long-term partner for our clients, working together to create great return on their  investment. “ 




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