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Rodania and Emakina (re)take time

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

Emakina defines a new positioning for the famous watch brand Rodania. It puts forward the brand’s family values, its spontaneity and proximity. Rodania is a Swiss brand that has been on the Belgian market for several decades. It is well known with the Belgian public, thanks to its involvement in the cycling world.



It is a brand that is part of everyday life. An accessory one wouldn’t want to miss. A watch that experiences all the good and bad moments together with its owner. A positioning that evokes the simple pleasure of living each moment intensely, of stopping time in order to take some time. To do the things that truly matter. The visuals of the campaign clearly illustrate these pleasures: they show instant moments of complicity between a mum and her daughter or the joy after winning a friendly match with some mates for instance. There are 5 visuals, to be discovered in the coming weeks.

With this campaign, Rodania returns to an aspirational and emotional approach, close to the people, that illustrates the joys and instant emotions that come with the precious moments of everyday life. The positioning is translated into a brand new baseline: (Re)Take time.

This new positioning is illustrated with different actions, including a billboard campaign (bus shelters and Morris) at the end of the year, an insert, print – magazines and dailies -, and POS material, retailer actions and a video to be shown via in-store displays. A special campaign has been made for the ‘Swiss made’ line. It comes with the same baseline and will be used worldwide.

The visuals have been shot by the Belgian photographer Jasmine Van Hevel. She has the gift of telling a story throughout a particular detail and has put all her romanticism and talent to use in order to bring strong emotions. In order to freeze a moment in time… and to allow us to take back time.


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