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User eXperience (UX) design

With a UX mindset right from the start, we create seamless, meaningful and relevant experiences that bring joy.

“Find out what brings joy and do it”

We can all think of brand experiences we loved. And those that were poor or frustrating.

At Emakina, we make sure our design and strategy teams put the user first. So that we can create seamless, meaningful and relevant experiences. This involves the design of the entire process of interacting with a product or service, including branding, design, copy, usability and function. 

Our approach is dial in the concept of UX right from the start, challenging our client's vision, exploring user needs, feelings and pain points. Creating an excellent user experience is not a one-shot job. It involves effort, iteration after iteration, working in an agile way to remove obstacles one after the other. It’s grounded in reality, with awareness of what real people like and don’t like.

Of course, User Interface Design is a major part of this. Our experts craft design and copy which takes each person through the process, step by step. So it fits into their lives and brings them joy.