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Emakina organises exclusive LinkedIn Seminar in Geneva

Author: Luc Malcorps

Communication is all about connecting. And being connected.

The team of Emakina in Switzerland lives and breathes by this creed.
On 3 October it invites its business contacts to get in shape and connect all the links LinkedIn has to offer.


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LinkedIn is the number one worldwide professional social network.
It has become a must for building your career, your company and your networks. In Switzerland it boast more then 1 million members. It welcomed over 250,000 new members from across the globe in the last four months alone… LinkedIn now counts over 200 million members, with representation in more than 200 countries and territories.


LinkedIn is offering new exciting services, such as University pages and campaign e-mailing with InMail and a wealth of recruiting possibilitites.


So Emakina decided to hosts an exclusive workshop in its Geneva office, with Fabrice Offret, Key Account Director of LinkedIn as special guest. Together with Mathieu Van de Velde, Business Development Manager at EMAKINA/Perform, he will show that you can get much more out of LinkedIn. And the more you are linked, the better you can communicate, share, grow.

Join in for one of the three session on 3 October in Geneva, if you want to learn how to further build your brand as an employer on LinkedIn, work on your social recruiting and get engaged in solution marketing.

The workshop will zoom in on topics like advanced remarketing, increasing site Authority using Social, enhanced campaigns, and strategic SEO…


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