Google I/O Live Geek Party @Emakina

Author: Luc Malcorps

When Google stages its Google I/O Live, its main event of the year, the world of technology and digital communication listens…

That is especially so at Emakina, where new ideas and refreshing trends are the staple diet of professionals in all possible walks of life working actively to turn digital into exciting experiences.


So when our colleague Benjamin Monjoie (the name says it all … my joy!) booked the enterprise meeting room for the occasion and even brought the junk food and soft drinks, a good time was had by all.

I/O Live… plenty to discover!

The I/O 2014 presentation overflowed with news, from a brand-new colourful visual design for all things Google to plenty of new Android goodies. The geek in all was aroused, with talk of smartwatches, in-car dashboards, and the Android Fit platform for fitness wearables and apps.

A good overview of the new stuff is brought together in this fine article by The Verge.

And for those who want to see dedicated talks on all kinds of Google-y topics, the Google videos collection with its selection menu is an interesting place to go!


Developers were all ears when a sneak peak followed of the new Android L (coming this fall). It promises to bring a refreshing view on one single software operating system that will work its magic inside cars, TVs, and mobile phones.

Curious to see what Apple’s answers will be at their next get together.

Coming to screens near you

In your car, in your home, on your wrist, in front of your eyes, … the immersive digital world is becoming more real, every day. So, ‘coming to all screens near you’ real soon: the sequel in the battle of giants for digital suppremacy!

No doubt Emakina will be on the scene, as a witness and an active player shaping new wonderful things to come!



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