10 years of Emakina… a moveable feast

Author: Luc Malcorps

On October 10, 2001, Emakina was born.
A bright digital native who grew up fast and is – as ever – full of positive energy.

From the start, the idea was that ‘The Best Way to Invent the Future, is to Make it Happen’. See here the clip that shows how Emakina and its clients at work really form a growing digital tribe on the move.

Emakina went to Digital Marketing First to celebrate its 10 years of excitement, good times and great projects. The real heroes of course are our clients too. They offered Emakina their trust and collaboration, making project after project a winning combination with our teams.
The slideshare presentation presented at the DMF wanted to highlight that fact…

So Emakina is as a ‘moveable feast’, a train of events and ideas that have lead a small group of entrepreneurs and creative minds from a garage operation to a listed company with over 300 people, offices in Belgium, France,  the Netherlands and UK and partnerships across Europe.

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