Emakina Growth Hacker Talks at Flanders DC Expert Days

Author: Luc Malcorps

Your House in Order

Emakina’s digital strategist Jean-Paul Delmé is one of the key speakers at tomorrow’s ‘Expert Day’ organized by Flanders DC in Antwerp.
The event ‘Your House in Order: Streamline your Internal Organisation’ focuses on designers and ways they can improve their business.

Maybe you know the feeling.
You want to get things done, but administrative tasks are in the way.
Is there a mismatch in the division of tasks between your various partners or employees? Talk to Emakina, and you’ll find a solution.

Workplace and workflow automation

As a seasoned growth hacker, Jean-Paul knows the digital world as his own back yard. And he happily shares his experience in making organizations work more fluently and flourish. So, if you experience corporate growing pains, Jean-Paul knows how to fix them.

With every administrative task you can shake off,
you and your team win time for the things that really matter.
And often you can come to solid solutions quickly,
without long reflections.

How does that work?

You simply need to take a step back from your daily tasks and analyze where it hurts. It’s amazing how you often no longer see ‘time-eaters’. Sometimes they are repetitive or simple tasks. Sometimes the problem is linked to finding, sharing or simply forwarding information. But the good news is that in most cases, it’s not that complicated to automate them.

A good example is the free platform IFTTT (If this, then that).
It helps you do more with all your apps and devices, and you don’t need to be a developer to use it.

IFTTT is available on Google Play and the AppStore

Another handy tool is Zapier, that moves info between your web apps automatically. The visual interface once again makes it a no-brainer to try it out. Their promise: anyone can build workflows with a few clicks.

Large organizations, complex tasks

Of course, people in larger organizations face complex tasks and structures that need more than just off-the-shelf apps. They can talk with Jean-Paul (and Emakina in general), to see what is the best way forward, and find the best track in clever CRM, cross-platform and multi-channel marketing automation, revenue performance management…

13 December: Become a Future-proof Entrepreneur

 You can’t make it for tomorrow’s event? No worries.

You can see Jean-Paul Delmé in action on 13 December in Gent at a second Flanders DC event, on ‘Future-proof Entrepreneurship’.
He will talk about how digital will change business life in the near future, and how to develop a future-proof strategy to manage this new reality. He’ll also touch on the sense and nonsense of chat bots, and how you can leverage their potential. Make sure to book a ‘one-on-one sofa session’ with him, and start your next digital wave!

Book your ticket here!

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