Emakina Launches The ‘Digital Transformation Manifesto’


Emakina published its ‘Digital Transformation Manifesto’. The document describes the basics of a changing world. It guides businesses that want to undergo a successful digital transformation. The Manifesto is also an urgent appeal to business leaders to give the topic the place it deserves.


The Digital Transformation Manifesto helps entrepreneurs to better frame the debate around this crucial issue and build their own  project for change on solid foundations.

Relations between consumers and brands are disrupted. Consumers have taken over brands
 and today’s market requirements are stronger and changing fast. More than ever new actors thrive. They question the status of yesterday’s leaders. For companies, the capacity to adapt is not an option but a crucial matter, a digital ‘do or die’.

The Manifesto explains that dealing with digital is not enough. Companies must reinvent themselves with and for digital. They absolutely need to start this long journey with clear landmarks and profound new beliefs.EMAKINA_Brian_Solis_Digital_transformation

Some statements in the Manifesto indicate the urgency of the issue…

“There is no hiding from digital”
“Yesterday’s management models have run out of steam”
“Digital is not a tool, it’s a state of mind”
“We must break the boundary between the customer and staff”
“Digital in short: make things simple”
“Digital is not a separate company department”
“Digital culture can not be bought, it’s an experience”
“Tomorrow’s companies will be horizontal and multi-sector”

Internet is everywhere. It acts as a force that transforms our world in profound, durable, and inevitable ways. No time has seen so many changes, so many ideas challenged that once were thought of as fixed, eternal. And we are only at the beginning. Emakina is a Digital Transformation Agency, at home in this environment. Digital culture is part of our DNA. Through this Manifesto, we want to share our beliefs that grew out of our own experience.

We invite you to download the Manifesto in full version in English or in French, and build your business into a first class « Experience Company ».

And of course, it will be our pleasure to discuss your business transformation challenges with you.

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