Emakina’s Simpsonizer Adrien Noterdaem stars on Wired

Author: Luc Malcorps

Emakina is a big communication pond filled with digital native talents of all sorts. From creative strategy experts and campaign idea thinkers, fresh cross- social and mobile media minds and developers to web wizards and code geeks (and proud of it, dude!)… sparks fly around every day.  It’s like chemistry…

And when the day is done, many of us enter a second life of creativity, to write our own exciting tales of mystery and imagination. Take our colleague Adrien Noterdaem, for instance.


It’s really good chemistry when Adrien Noterdaem starts to Simpsonize ‘stuff’


Adrien has been involved as a creative Director at Emakina in projects such as Clinique’s Chubby Sticks, Electrabel’s Energy Manager and BNP Paribas Fortis’ Working Capital. And he also had a hand in several award winning campaigns, like the ING HR online campaign, the launch of the Audi A3 Sportback and the A3 Berline introduction.

But now he’s even featured in Wired and Rolling Stone Germany, because of his own private pet project: every day, Adrien ‘Simpsonizes’ a popular character from TV or modern life.




Main characters from his favourite TV shows have already received the Simpson treatment, like Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, The Wire, Mad Men and Sherlock. Video games like Grand Theft Auto V and even the Belgian Royal family have been featured on his  “Draw the Simpsons” Tumblr.

“The idea was to do everything quickly, no time to waste,” Noterdaem said in an email to WIRED. “It takes me around 30 minutes for one. I try not to spend more time. It’s like an exercise, a goal I give to myself.” As a kid, Adrien saw Matt Groening’s cult series in the French-dubbed versions and he’s been a fan ever since.


Kudos to you Adrien! And keep on Simpsonizing!



What would the Belgian Royals think about their Simpsonized counterparts?


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