Content & Motion design

We conceive, design, write, produce and distribute valuable content to get people clicking, talking and buying.

People are hungry for great content. Whether on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, podcasts, Amazon or anywhere else, content is still king.

Every website, animation or post must enthrall users. With content marketing, we take a strategic approach to creating and distributing valuable content to get people clicking, talking and buying.

Just as important as the visual impact is the need to convey a meaningful narrative and the right messaging. We develop storytelling in line with your brand strategy and define a tone of voice which conveys the right personality and spirit.

In motion design for videos, 360 films, AR and VR, the animations and effects also set the tone. Our producers, editors, writers, motion designers, 3D specialists, sound engineers and composers collaborate closely. Together, we immerse the audience and help to create an emotional bond.

  • Full-service film production and postproduction 
  • Video and motion design 
  • 2D & 3D animation 
  • Virtual, augmented & mixed reality 
  • Interactive videos 
  • Serialised content (podcasts, web TV) 
  • Storyboards, animatics & video concepts 
  • Sound design and music  

“Our mind is enriched by what we receive”


Emakina prides itself in providing its clients with the most efficient technical solutions for their needs. Over the years, digital tools have increasingly been consolidated into integrated digital experience platforms.