Digital eXperience Design (DXD)

We create standout experiences that are meaningful, relevant and enjoyable, helping you stay one step ahead of the competition.

DXD is a way of thinking and a way of working

At Emakina, we embrace users as individuals with different styles, visions, beliefs, feelings and emotions. We use this Digital Experience Design (DXD) mindset to ensure the User Experience of your brand feels personal and remains consistent across all touchpoints for every user. This mindset is rooted in Design Thinking, a problem-solving methodology that relies on close collaboration with you, supported by real data and research.

We usually work in 2 phases. During the first phase we identify the most relevant and impactful problems in your users' journey with your business. We do this in close collaboration with you, applying user data and research. During the second phase we ideate, prototype and test concepts to end up with the most valuable solutions for your business.​​

We apply this methodology and mindset in 5 key areas of expertise: Design Strategy, Content Design, UX Design, Service Design, and Design Research.

  • Design strategy 
  • Content design 
  • UX design 
  • Service design 
  • Design research 

Design strategy

Our Design Strategists are the guardians of the DXD mindset. They tailor the process and activities to your specific business context and users. Their focus will always be to define the most relevant and meaningful value proposition for your users and your business. They translate that value into concrete steps to make it happen.

Content design

Once you have a clear view of the problem(s) you want to solve for your users, our Content Designers step in. Through storytelling techniques, they help you to identify which information should go where on your touchpoints. When your framework for consistent content production is in place (brand guidelines, tone of voice guidelines, messaging house), they help you to create the content assets you need. As a last step, they help you test the content and optimize it until it gets you the results you want.

UX design

Our UX Designers are trained to empathize with your users. They apply user-centered methodologies to identify what is the best way to solve key problems from the user's point of view. They think along our Design Strategists to incorporate the business perspective in their process and are in the lead when it’s time to prototype and test solutions. They'll make sure to apply those learnings in the final concept to end up with a solid backlog for the development team.

Service design

Our Service Designers contribute to identifying how to roll out your new solution(s). They'll look at your internal organisation and bring together relevant stakeholders to discuss and align on resources, systems, and processes. They will pursue blind spots and inefficiencies to intentionally design a way forward to overcome them to ensure there is a good experience between your service, your company, and your users.

Design research

Our Design Researchers aim to deeply understand your users and your business to help identify key problems to be solved. They hunt for meaningful viewpoints to make discoveries that can guide and inform your decision-making. They collaborate with the Insights team on desk research, market research, interviews, observations, benchmarking and usability tests to build empathy with your users and make sure that your solutions truly add value to their lives. Their human focus is invaluable to boost the growth of your clients.