Accelerate content creation with Bynder. This digital asset management platform helps you conquer the chaos of growing content, touchpoints and relationships. From logos, images and illustrations to videos, animations and audio files, it’s the easy way for teams to collaborate in the cloud, keep content under control, and get the right assets to the people and systems that need them.Bynder websiteDiscover Emakina's partner page

Customised digital asset management 

Bynder’s award-winning brand management and digital asset management software helps brands go to market faster and achieve perfect brand consistency across all channels and regions.  

With Bynder you can tap into:  

  • Central storage of all assets like images, videos, brand guidelines, fonts and logos. 
  • Collaborate in the cloud across countries and time zones in real-time 
  • Easy self-service for everyone who works with content 
  • Manage permissions to ensure only the right people can access and edit assets  
  • Rights management to avoid copyright infringements 
  • Version control, helping everyone stick to the brand guidelines 
  • Digital templates helping you to create more online content in minutes 
  • Print templates for easy creation of catalogues, posters and other content