With a powerful integration, ChannelEngine connects your systems to international marketplaces and sales channels while optimizing sales, minimizing time, and maximizing profit and reach. ChannelEngine has built the leading e-commerce infrastructure that lets clients use their store or back end system to sell to everyone around the world. By creating a seamless integration between businesses and marketplaces, they can empower companies to automate and maximize their sales potential internationally. 

ChannelEngine helps brands to gain control by selling directly on multiple online marketplaces. 

ChannelEngine helps distributors to boost their revenues with better margins. 

ChannelEngine helps retailers by selling more products wherever customers are searching for them.

Integration areas: Europe, the US, Canada, Mexico

Biggest connected channels: Amazon, Zalando, eBay,, Allegro, Cdiscount, Google, Wish, Otto, Afound.


  • Automatically imports and updates your product information from the current platform, so you can keep your webshop, ERP or PIM as the primary source
  • Synchronizes stock and price changes between all marketplaces
  • Automatically generates international invoices, taking into account European VAT rules
  • Applies advanced pricing rules, allowing for desired margins and stock of other suppliers
  • Sets up dynamic filters to control your product offer, including its specific minimum stock, margin, price, and other criteria
  • Monitors your sales and shipments
  • Provides translations services to address a multilingual aspect within sales networks
  • Creates digital product bundles for long shelf-life items, similar products, or bestsellers to push revenues