Contentful is a pioneer and global leader in API-led headless content management systems (CMS). It offers an open platform that adapts to how digital builders work to meet business goals, through easy customisation and deep integration with any tech stack. Digital teams deliver value to customers faster by innovating and orchestrating digital experience delivery, at scale.Contentful websiteDiscover our partner page  

Helping digital teams assemble content and deliver experiences, faster

Contentful’s open and extensive app framework allows for deep UI customisation, advanced content automation on the backend and seamless integration with other services, ensuring the platform can be adapted to business needs. This lets digital teams quickly build the capabilities they need, whether it’s by extending the platform or integrating with existing services. Emakina’s teams have built up advanced expertise in Contentful's technology and are actively developing this partnership, particularly in the context of composable architectures. 

Accelerate your digital operations with Contentful 

  • Build efficiently: Deliver multi-channel experiences with content delivery and management APIs, SDKs and purpose-built apps. 
  • Adapt to business needs: Increase flexibility with a content management system that enables custom workflows, while integrating seamlessly with other services. 
  • Scale seamlessly: Grow digital and content operations globally on an enterprise-ready platform that needs compliance and security standards. 

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Digital experiences help brands to generate greater revenue. Brands that satisfy customers can expect increased loyalty and demand for their product.

For brands to succeed in 2022, delighting and inspiring consumers throughout their entire lifecycle is key. Traditional content marketing and static sites are old news. To stay ahead of competitors and wow consumers, brands must offer premium experiences that are both timely and relevant.

To stay relevant, enterprises need to be first movers and make delivering digital experiences a core competency.

This paper is your guide to understanding the latest digital experiences, from choosing the right cutting-edge tools and building the experiences to delivering them.

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