About the project

The digital celebration of a historical jewellery house

To create a link between the brand's past, present and future, we created an augmented reality experience that made its 160th anniversary exhibition — and Maison Boucheron — accessible to all. Visitors to Vendôrama were enthralled with unforgettable experiences, including a touchscreen table, three interactive books and a virtual tour by the mischievous Wladimir – the brand's emblematic cat.

The challenge

On its 160th anniversary in 2018, the Maison Boucheron wanted to astonish and delight its audiences. The plan was to start the year with an event that would anchor the brand in its innovative present, while promoting its illustrious heritage. It wanted to give a teasing glimpse of its hidden world with an exhibition at La Monnaie in Paris: Vendôrama.

Our solution

Boucheron embodies a special world that the public sees as inaccessible, especially young people who are nevertheless the customers of tomorrow. Our recommendation was to shine at Vendôrama with spectacular digital experiences. By weaving the latest technology into the physical exhibition, a link is created between the brand's past, present and future.

The technology

On a touchscreen table, the public was able to marvel at the savoir-faire of the Boucheron craftspeople and admire the precision of their movements. Three interactive books were also presented, inviting users to discover the rich history of the Maison.

Then, to complete their visit, people were invited to enter a cylindrical photo booth to take multifaceted videos of themselves to share via social media.

The results

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