Kastner & Öhler

About Kastner & Öhler

Tradition meets digitization

The accountant Carl Kastner, 24, and the salesman Hermann Öhler, 26, found the "Kurzwarenhandlung Kastner & Öhler" in Troppau on 1 April 1873. In 1883 the head office in Graz is established. In 2019 the Austrian company is represented with 23 locations.

Agency Emakina.CEE


In the course of digitalization, Kastner & Öhler | Gigasport reached its limits with its legacy systems. A strategic reorientation was the consequence.

Our Solution

The introduction of Salesforce's Sales and Marketing Cloud gives the company a 360-degree view of its customers Every registration on the website or in the online shop leads to the creation of a profile with a customer card in the in-house system.

The customer loyalty program has resulted in marketing activities now being measurable. In the customer profile, not only the sales history is traceably stored, but also the vouchers received, the promotions redeemed and the advertising material received. This data can be used to create optimally personalized customer journeys for each customer.



With the introduction of the Sales and Marketing Cloud, Kastner & Öhler can get to know its customers even better and respond to their needs. The Insights open up new possibilities for K&Ö | Gigasport:

  • Data based marketing
  • Measurable marketing activities
  • Fully integrated customer loyalty program
  • Customer segmentation
  • And thus personalized customer journeys

The technology

Salesforce Service, Analytics and Marketing Cloud for 23 locations