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/imagine: An exciting vocational career

/imagine: An exciting vocational career

In May 2023, Linköping municipality wanted Emakina’s help to create an information campaign aimed at increasing interest in vocational high school programs. We turned to generative AI without making a big deal out of using AI.

The challenge

Linköping municipality is offering interesting vocational learning programmes that were not really popular with high school kids – because they're boring jobs, right?

It was Emakina’s job to change their minds!

The solution

Vocational training opens doors to exciting careers. Like working in a Michelin-star restaurant, or as a space technician at NASA.

With no possibility of a photo shoot, we turned to AI to generate striking photorealistic visuals to challenge the stereotypical image of vocational programs and their students – showing that a vocational program can kick-start an exciting career.

The results

Generative AI helped elevate the production value to a new level, without the need for photographers and visual FX specialists. Our client was blown away. Together with AI, we painted a bright future for vocational training. Without making AI a big deal.

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