The European Commission

About the project

Encouraging Gen Z to join the European conversation

For the upcoming European Parliament election, we helped the European Commission in Sweden to launch The Conference on the Future of Europe – a digital platform for citizen engagement on issues such as climate change and Covid-19. Important topics that keep young people awake at night. So, we invited Generation Z to join the conversation by showing that there is a silver lining and that European co-operation is more important than ever.

The challenge

How can we encourage young people to talk about the European Union and raise awareness of the fact that they could actually have a say?

The solution

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we created recognition through a series of films capturing the isolation and anxiety many young people feel facing an uncertain future. At the same time, we wanted to create a sense of hope by highlighting the positive things the European Union is doing, with focus on climate change, Covid-19 and the economy, and global justice.

The results

  • 51,929
    Registered participants
  • 21,814
  • 17,443
    New ideas and initiatives