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Digital Solutions for B2B

Being the lead tech-agnostic enabler in the region with diverse innovative expertise qualifies us to guide some of the biggest names in B2B organizations of the region. Delivering strategic plans and cutting-edge technological solutions to boost successful businesses into further success with multiple key advantages.

Pace Up

  • Launch your business into market in weeks’ time
  • Commence sales quicker with speedy setup and configurations

Grow Efficiently
  • Implement an all-in-one solution with necessary toolkits
  • See the bigger picture pertaining your growth – don’t get lost in site maintenance

Up Scale
  • Maintain stability with increasing scalability
  • Sustain a pro performance on the world’s most trusted commerce partner and platform

Strategize Freely
  • Our tech-agnostic nature enables various solution routes
  • Full-proofs solution plans ensuring fast success

Discover some successful B2B projects by Emakina

As proud ambassadors of our client’s users, we manage to support our user importance claims with stats, success stories and case studies across the biggest names of the B2B world in the region. Here are some cases.


Global-scale b2b commerce

Creators of some of the World’s best strollers; Bugaboo needed a new B2B commerce platform, and needed it within three months. Emakina delivered a multi-country multilanguage platform in that time, which we are now rolling out globally.


Digitally enable your distributors

Help them be passionate ambassadors for your brand in addition to being able to swiftly deliver your latest products. Crucially: understand their level of technological maturity and help them modernise in close partnership with you, creating a strong bond.

B2B Commerce Whitepaper

What's the maturity level of your Commerce?

Anything worthy of a ‘digital experience’ title must be designed and produced for the users themselves, these same users determine the success rate of every business out there. Emakina offers you a free white paper form to download today and get to discover:

  • Various approaches at keeping up with user expectation
  • Different levels of marketing automation maturity
  • Inspirational business models
  • A quick assessment of your own business maturity

Complete the form below to get access and find out what level your organization is at.

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