Candriam refreshes its visual identity in partnership with Emakina

Candriam, a global multi-specialist in asset management, has unveiled a refreshed visual identity that strongly asserts the personality and forward-looking values of the investment company. The project is the latest success story of a fruitful eight-year relationship with Emakina, the User Agency.

Evolving with conviction and responsibility

A recognised leader in sustainable investment for over 25 years, Candriam (an acronym for Conviction AND Responsibility In Asset Management) has built a reputation for its human, innovative and responsible approach. To better reflect these values, Candriam wanted to evolve by bringing a sense of strength and depth to its brand image.

This mission was entrusted to Emakina, Candriam's long-standing partner. It began with client workshops where managers of various business units reflected on the company's identity. Armed with those insights, Emakina started developing a new visual identity.


A new, future-forward brand identity

According to Sébastien Henry, art director at Emakina: "The intention was to make everything clearer, fresher, more minimalist and modern to best present the content and reflect Candriam’s social responsibility. The aim: to make the environmental, social and governance criteria that guide Candriam’s choices visible at a glance.”

The graphic charter, for example, has been redefined with a more assertive font and simpler shapes for better readability. The colour scheme has also been redesigned with a brand-new combination of blue and green that brings freshness, joy and a focus on sustainability.

A new image library ensures that aesthetics and natural authenticity are combined. It focuses on the real faces of Candriam – the employees themselves in their work environment – to illustrate the very human and accessible approach of the asset manager.

All these graphic assets are combined in a way to give a feeling of quality and convey a premium image without being too exclusive.

Florence Mathey, programme manager at Emakina says: “The result brings Candriam's commitment of investing for tomorrow to life better than ever.”

candriam.com leads the way

The first medium to unveil this new graphic charter is the candriam.com website, launched in September, for which Emakina defined the layout, UX and design.

Sébastien Nantas, head of brand & content management at Candriam: “We are extremely pleased with the outcome of our most recent collaboration with our trusted partner Emakina. They set up a strong task force to meet the challenge, listened to all our needs and did an outstanding job overall.”