Emakina launches new multi-disciplinary DXD team

The User Agency unites top experts in Digital Experience Design for high-impact user journeys

Organisations today must intentionally define and design rich experiences to build and strengthen their user relationships. That is why Emakina launches its new multi-disciplinary Digital Experience Design team. By uniting its inhouse DXD experts with one holistic approach, the User Agency further improves its client strategy and advisory services to lift its clients’ user experience journeys to a higher level. The new team will share its vast combined know-how to upgrade the branded service and product experiences for clients and boost their business.

As the User Agency, we assist our clients in offering the ultimate user experience that brings joy,” said Tim Wolfs, MD of Emakina.BE. “Together we design the entire user journey, from the first contact to rich relationships, and beyond. This requires the close collaboration of top experts from multiple domains. Our inhouse DXD team unites all the talents you need to make our clients successful with future-proof user experiences that truly connect.” 
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Digital Experience Design: from buzzword to a fast-actionable framework

For Emakina, Digital Experience Design is an actionable framework with a tangible output, instead of a trending theory. Using a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach, its experts define how users will experience a company’s branded services and products across the entire user journey. The combined DXD know-how is impressive, from design strategy and research to content, UX and service design.

User-centric ideation

In this process, design is clearly not limited to how things look. Solutions are developed at a fast pace, in 4 to 8 weeks, in close collaboration with the client. Working with actual users to collect data, the most relevant, specific problem is defined. Then the experts collaborate with the client to create a solution for it, by ideating with a purpose and building for maximum value. Users try out a first version with the best ideas, to help the team select the best functioning prototype and then improve it until it is ready to be launched.

DXD: the key for companies to prosper in the new world of rapid change

Emakina’s DXD team offers support with failproof advantages. You are certain actual users will value the new development, without having to guess or fear negative impact of bad experiences. Happy customers mean positive reviews and less aftersales troubleshooting. Even more importantly, innovation at a rapid pace - vital for the survival of companies – becomes accessible for organisations.

Tim Wolfs, MD of Emakina.BE concludes: “With the DXD framework, we work in exciting collaborations with our clients to understand their business and identify opportunities, ideate answers, test and iterate solutions in a matter of weeks. It’s fast and really works, because what we launch is user-tested and fully based on empirical research.”
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