About Blocket

Winning the hearts of Sweden’s online buyers and sellers

When online giants and new start-ups started to eat into Blocket’s market share, it needed fresh ideas to remind Swedes why it’s their best-loved way to buy and sell online. Challenge accepted, we responded with tongue-in-cheek short films that explore the stories (and obsessions) behind each sale. Kicked off in 2018, the concept has evolved into content that people can’t get enough of.

The challenge

Blocket is facing competition from both start-ups and online giants offering the same or similar services for free. Therefore, we needed to win people's love and loyalty to secure Blocket's position as the leading quality one-stop shop for circular economy.

Our solution

With the concept 'There’s a story behind every ad', we helped Blocket to win hearts and minds by dramatising the meetings between the seller and the buyer. We created a series of long and short videos featuring beloved celebrities and everyday people. These are distributed on digital channels like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, as well as traditional media such as TV and OOO. Since 2018, we've continued to build on the concept, creating content that people absolutely love – and want to take part in!

  • +48%
    Ad recall
  • +143%
    Sender recall
  • +81%
  • +102%
  • 70M