About the project

Imaginative storytelling gives Kondaa standout airtime

Emakina collaborated with Walibi’s marketing team to review all touchpoints in a delicate  post-COVID recovery period, plus supported parent company CDA Group in its continuous investments – such as the launch of world-class megacoaster, Kondaa.

The challenge

What better way to entice and lure people out of a post-lockdown period than with the opening of the highest, fastest and most anticipated megacoaster Benelux has ever seen? Our kick-off campaign had to create hype for the Kondaa and encourage tickets to sell out (despite strict sanitary guidelines). We were also going to analyse visitor perceptions of the park and monitor the success of general communication efforts. 

Walibi Kondaa platform

Our solution

Emakina carried out a series of surveys and brand workshops, working with Walibi's teams to define its values, storytelling and communication elements – both for internal and external audiences. This was a huge task that also required quantitative studies and user testing for the two main target groups (teenagers and families).

Then came the creative campaign where we worked closely with Walibi staff to ensure total consistency across all communication. We created eye-catching key visuals, must-read content and videos. An immersive four-episode web series teased audiences with an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the monster’s build-up and legend – including interviews with engineers, designers and marketing experts. A dedicated landing page was created for the Kondaa using HTML5+.

The results

Our collaboration with Walibi is ongoing, but the first indicators are already exceeding all expectations. In just two weeks, 58,000 visitors registered on the landing page. Immersion was successful: an average of 3 minutes 34 seconds spent on the website and an average of 4.74 pages read per session.

Even better, since the very first day the Kondaa opened, ticket sales have reached maximum (Covid-safe) capacity, thanks to super speedy online ticket sales.

Emakina proved it’s a valuable communication agency partner, with a lot of creative talent. In addition to strong ideas and beautiful designs, it exceeded our expectations by its intelligent strategic and creative vision.” Alexis Nuyts
CMO of Walibi - Aqualibi Belgium