First flight for BrusselsAirlines.com

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

Yesterday was the official launch of Brussels Airlines, the new company born out of the merger between SN Brussels Airlines and Virgin Express. Emakina took care of the website and developed a new functionality called “manage my booking” that will make your traveler’s life easier : even after registering your ticket, you’re now able to change your destination, your meal, your seat… A more personalized, “self service” approach that we’ll continue to improve next year.

After SN Brussels Airlines we built in more than 47 different versions, we’re delighted that Brussels Airlines’ management selected us again for its e-commerce website.

A few trivia about this project:

1. In order to keep the logo confidential, our team had to work with a fake one until yesterday morning.
2. In the same spirit, we didn’t have an official graphical chart until halfway the project.
3. We had to integrate all the functionalities of former flySN.com and more.
4. The current website counts 20 pages in 3 languages only. But we’re building a second version, scheduled for early 2007, that will offer 6 languages and over 200 pages. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: IT Professional relates the challenges we had to face with this project.

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