A day in emakination

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

We are living a digital revolution, new technologies have given birth to new means of interaction. Every day new digital tools open new ways of expression for brands, it’s chaos.

Once upon a time we had mass media advertising, brand activation and retail. Then the web and email, display and search advertising. Now we talk viral, buzz and guerilla, RSS, YouTube and social networks, mobile, iPhone and Location Based Services, podcasts, Joost and IPTV, video game consoles and in game advertising, widgets or gadgets, MMORPG or virtual worlds, chatbot or Google Earth, RIA, AIR or Silverlight, digital signage and interactive retail, floor, wall, cars … you name it.

Native to this world of complexity, Emakina fuses imagination and innovation, orchestrates the relevant touch points to build brand experiences that engage consumers… brand experiences that combine stories and emotions to create attention, interest and ultimately desire.

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