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All you’ve wanted to know about nuclear technologies…

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

…and never knew who to ask – is available on the Nuclear Forum website!

The debate about the use of nuclear technologies is vital in many democracies including the Belgian one. However, only few citizens are adequately familiar with the omnipresence of nuclear technologies in our daily lives. This created the need for an online platform, which can offer a clear overview of the many applications of the nuclear technologies.


The Forum’s website, developed by Emakina, offers a reliable source of information for any citizen who wishes to better understand the implications of using nuclear technologies. Visitors are invited to post specific questions on what matters to them. Answers are then provided by the Forum’s experts, and available to all.

But now there’s more! We just updated the website, adding a splashpage which demonstrates the multiple sectors where nuclear technology is needed. You can now learn about how nuclear technologies can help reduce CO2 emissions, its contribution in the world of food, and discover some statistics. We even embedded a media player, featuring some audio-video material on this fascinating topic.

For those of who are on the go, the splash screen has been adapted in HTML5, so it is also visible on Mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones!

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