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An application that asks to be touched

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

Here is one more proof (as if it was necessary) of the variety of the talent of the Emakinans. This time in the touchscreen application domain.

For the “Electrabel Shops”, Emakina developed a user-friendly application with a touchscreen interface. It’s fun, intelligent, easy to use and, most important, easy to understand.

No need for a manual to find your way into the 4 components of this app :

  • The 10 Electrabel commitments for less CO2 emissions.
  • The “green production” map, to see where Electrabel produces “green” energy and allow user to filter by production method.
  • The CO2 tool, which helps customers to evaluate their CO2 emissions and to reduce the CO2 they produce.
  • A funny touch game, which asks you to shut down any electrical appliance (by touching it) in order to lower your electrical consumption.

Everything here is about learning, having fun and… touching.


As this is an experience you should try by yourself, we encourage you to play/navigate with this application on the 32′ touchable screens located in the first Electrabel Shop of Antwerp which has just opened.


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