Apparently, Emakina’s employees behaved very well this year…

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

Why else would Saint Nicholas*, drop by at our premises and give away gifts as he did last Saturday?

The Saint was kind enough to treat and entertain the employees’ kids with a massive playzone, including a bouncy castle, face painting, chocolate fountain, candy floss machine, and lots prizes!  Saint Nicholas even took into consideration that for our kids, being second-generation digital-natives, no play date is complete without Playstation, Wii, Xbox and DS…



At the same time, parents (otherwise known as Emakina employees) enjoyed our very own Christmas market – sipping hot glühwine and munching traditional Belgian cougnou !!

Saint Nicholas would like to take this opportunity to apologise for spoiling your kids – but they were soooo cute (and you were too busy drinking your wine to even notice anyway…)!

* In case you’re not from this North-Western corner of Europe, Saint Nicholas is the patron saint of all good children, kind of the equivalent of the Coca Cola version of American Santa Claus

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