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Apple’s Passbook turned the Selligent Day into a ditigal extravaganza!

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

Which event organiser wouldn’t choose to enrich visitors’ stay by offering a unique and interactive experience?

At Emakina, we always make use of the latest technology, even when it comes to event production! The arrival of the iOS 6 and its new native functionality, Passbook, is thus the perfect playground to push (yet again) the boundaries of interactivity.  This was our mindset when working with Selligent, our long-lasting partner for CRM solutions, on the Interactive Selligent Day, held last month in De Efteling, Holland (for all Benelux countries).



First, we included a Passbook coupon in the reminder email, sent to registered visitors 48 hours before the event’s opening. Then, as soon as visitors approached the parking lot, they received a push notification, activated within the designated zone. This way, they all had the access instructions directly on their iPhone screen, even while locked! Their Passbook coupons with integrated bar-codes equally enabled these visitors to avoid the registration queues. Finally, throughout the day, visitors benefited from a flow of relevant messages, like alerts for the start of upcoming presentations and speakers.

By integrating Passbook into our strategic reflection on interactive marketing, Emakina reinvented the range of possibilities and the management of the client relationship. Brands can now take advantage of a privileged link with their visitors, by letting them live such an enriched event. Mastering the latest technology for creating remarkable experiences is not a challenge, it’s a passion!


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