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Better than lip dub : Emakina concert at CityScape

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

Yeah, some agencies do great Office Lip Dub, but Emakina always tries to go further. During our  New Year’s party at CityScape, between a Junk Food walking dinner and a Geek Casino contest, we had a great live concert from our in-house musical talents !

Emakina Night Live Session

The Emakina band line-up :

  • Lead Vocal : Willem (Tridion Developer)
  • Backing Vocal : Antoine (Account Manager), Gerrit (Tridion Developer) and Benoit (Project Manager)
  • Lead Guitar : Marc (Project Manager)
  • Rythm Guitar : Jean-Thomas (Project Manager)
  • Keyboards : Olivier (Account Director)
  • Bass : Vincent (ColdFusion Developer) on track 1 and 3, Laurent (Java Developer and Architect) on track 2
  • Drums : Pablo (Strategic Consultant) on track 1 and 3, Yannick (Web Developer) on track 2

Track One : “Rockin’ in the Free World” (Neil Young)

Track two :

Track three :

I’m sure you loved it, please let them know by adding a comment below!

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